Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One Little Word

to give joy, to gladdento feel joy or great delight
I am a big fan of Ali Edwards. She is a fellow scrapbooker, but instead of only looking to big life events to scrapbook, Ali chooses to scrapbook the everyday. Her blog and tutorials feature day to day pictures of her activities and her children. What some of us may look to an unimportant details are the stories she chooses to feature. Ali has made me review my own photography and story telling and look for the stories that contain memories. From my blog you can see her influence in The Weekend Lens, our date nights, and the stories I share about Piper.

Each year Ali chooses a word for the year. And she incorporates that word into her storytelling and her everyday life. Last night at dinner we had a family discussion about our words for this year. We tossed around lots of options, but I am proud and excited to announce that my word will be REJOICE.

Since having Piper I have become a worrier and an even more crazy list maker. My brain is always going wondering about what might happen, what I need to do, and how I can prepare or plan for what might be on the horizon. Sometimes I find myself so caught up in the what might be that I miss what is actually happening. 

So this year I am going to put down the lists, well except for meal planning and the our family calendar. And I am going to spend more time in the moment. I am going to find something to REJOICE about each day. 

I am also instituting a new weekly blog post titled JOY Filled Fridays. Be prepared for picture overload and lots of positivity on Fridays. 

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