Monday, January 28, 2013

Joy Filled Monday

Things have been a little quiet on the blog and I apologize for the unexpected break in blogging. I meant to just take a few days off and here I sit over a week later with a pile of pictures and stories to tell. Here are a few things that made my smile last week.
We have been having lots of tea parties, some in the morning before work and some at night in our pajamas. She makes sure everyone gets a cookie and a cup of tea, even the pups. She also only serves you one cookie. She is all about portion control and moderation. 

 Miss Pip has been requesting pigtails, sunglasses, and to pick put her own clothes. She is very opinionated about what she is wearing. She has also taken to writing recently. We get lots of little notes from Pip on our mail, lists, and notes to each other. We tell ourselves they are little love notes 
 I am still running. 
Running has become my free therapy. It's my time to run out my stresses and take care of myself. I blast my music and run as fast as my legs will let me. 
 Mr. R. and I have been on two dates in the last two weeks. 
Last Sunday we planned a date around our typical weekend errands. We made the grocery, Costco, and Target rounds while squeezing in coffee at Starbucks and a dinner date at California Pizza Kitchen.
We ordered the roasted pear pizza and it was amazing. I have been dreaming about it since last week and I am determined to figure out a way to make it at home. 
 We both had last Monday, MLK Jr. day, off. 
We spent the morning at our neighborhood park. Pip is a huge fan of the slides and the swings. 
 I captured this picture as we were leaving. I think she looks to much like my side of the family here. 
In fact, my sister has claimed that Pip is her doppelganger.

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