Friday, January 4, 2013

Hello January!

If we are being honest, I need to tell you that I am terrible at keeping New Years Resolutions. The idea of sticking to something for a WHOLE year is daunting and overwhelming. I try to follow through and then a few months in I give up. In 2010 Mr. R. and I made a resolution not to make New Years Resolutions. Instead we opted to make monthly goals that would help us grow as a couple, save money, plan for the future. We decided to bring back the monthly goals in 2013. So with out further adieu, January 2013 goals.
  • Cut out coffee creamer. It's incredibly delicious but also full of empty calories. 
  • Complete the mile a day challenge. The goal is run daily, the run needs to be at least a mile.
  • Turn off the computer at 9:00 PM
These goals are totally doable and not scary. I am actually 3 days into January and haven't missed the coffee creamer at all. Running is always good for me, I am less stressed I feel awesome about myself and while my legs are sore I am loving it so far. And I am back to reading! The computer ban is in full effect and my nightly reading is up 100%. 
So far so good with this resolution stuff. 
And as usual, I'll keep you posted.

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  1. i like this-- I think I'll make monthly goals, too! Thanks for the encouragement!