Sunday, January 6, 2013

Moldable Cloud Dough

 We first saw cloud dough at the Please Touch Museum. It's soft like baby powder, moldable like play-doh, and has the coloring of sand. Pip was a big fan of molding, pouring and sculpting cloud dough this summer and when I found a tutorial on how to make it so we could play at home I was sold.

7 cups of flour (almost a full bag), ours came from Walmart $1.67
1 cup of vegetable oil (another blogger said she has used olive oil and baby oil in the past and it has worked just fine)
Just pour the flour in your bin, add the oil, and have your helper mix until the oil has been combined with the flour. The flour should take on a tan color and be moldable or having the ability to stick/take shape.
Add small containers, spoons, race cars, or other tools that will help you little one pour, measure, and make shapes. I used the pots and pans from her kitchen set, plus my measuring cups.
Cloud dough occupied Pip for 45 minutes of constant play.
We made our cloud dough in a plastic storage bin with a snap on lid. I saved our cloud dough in the bin for use later this week. I'll let you know how it holds up.
Happy Playing!

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