Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Toddler Finger Painting

Those three words make me shudder. 
1.Finger painting is messy
2. Piper loves to cover herself in paint
3. She  doesn't understand the concept of not touching me or our furniture when her hands are covered in paint.
  We do paint hand print pictures often I am in control of how much paint and where the paint goes. Up until today I never let Pip have control of the paint, the canvas, and the art she was creating. 
Enter painting in the bathtub, almost mess free and I don't get covered in paint!
Here' what you do, tape the paper onto the bath tub wall. I squeeze the finger paints into an old muffin tin or baking pan and place the tin in the bathtub. Last, place your little artist in her bathing suit and let her go to town. The best part? She loves it and the paint washes down the drain. 

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