Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Workout Wednesday:

I have come to the conclusion that there will never be a good time to workout. I want to believe that one day I will just wake-up and love working out, that I will crave a good run like I crave a Starbucks mocha. But in my 29, almost 30 years, of life it has never happened. 

Instead I keep setting my alarm for 5:45, pulling on sweats and struggling through a pinterest workout before work. I have been doing this routine for over a week now and while I don't love the early morning wake-up call, I LOVE the added energy I am getting sans a double-shot of caffeine.

Last week I started back at the gym with an addition of spin class. And tonight on a whim Mr. R. and I took Pip out for a run. She loves the jogging stroller and I love the runner's high I get after our 3 miles are completed. Plus my new sneakers look even better with fresh dirt in the soles. 

1 comment:

  1. Pip is looking so big! I've recently (like in the past 6 months) figured out that the motivation for a workout comes from being properly rested - sleep and muscle recovery. When I'm not fully recovered, it's a drag, and really my body telling me to rest. (Of course, I don't have a small child to throw into the mix either....)