Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I fully admit that I am addicted to a little website called Pinterest.
I could easily spend an hour viewing crafty projects, fun recipes, and home decorating ideas.
I love being able to search ideas for holidays, decorate imaginary rooms in my house, and plan menus for fun dinner parties I may or may not have in the future.
But most recently pinterest has been my go to for workout ideas.
I am five months away from practically living in a bathing suit all summer and six weeks away from turning 30, it's time to get serious about getting my post baby body back into shape.
Tonight I tried the one room cardio workout appropriately titled WEDNESDAY.
It was tough, but it felt good to be sweaty and tired.
I also found tonight's dinner on pinterest.
Italian crock-pot beef sandwiches.
Serve with provolone cheese and roasted veggies.
Your husband will think you are amazing.
And if you need a Piper fix, here she is bouncing and singing!

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