Wednesday, February 15, 2012

All You Need is Love

I know it is not very popular to like Valentine's Day. It seems that all the cool kids walk around with a hatred for "love day". There is much talk about over commercialization, greed, and consumerism. I have facebook friends who insist that Hallmark invented the holiday as marketing ploy.
To the nay sayers and love haters I say hooey! I LOVE Valentine's Day. As a kid my mom decorated the house, made a special breakfast, and gave me a card or small gift as a reminder of how much I am loved. As I got older my dad would bring home flowers to remind me that he would always be my biggest fan. In middle-school and high school I had my fair share of heartbreaks and Valentine's spent alone. But that didn't make me hate or renounce the holiday. I am all about showing the love. An entire day to love on your parents, acquaintances, girlfriends, boyfriend, husband or child? Sign me up! 
Add in a few presents, chocolate, and hugs and you have my favorite day of the year, right after Christmas that is :)
My Valentine's Day was wonderful. I received three homemade valentine's, candy grams and chocolates from my students, a coffee and doughnut from my administration, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Mr. R. and the Pip. In return I called my Mom to tell her I loved her, gave Pip extra kisses, and made Mr. R. a pan of cakebatter rice krispie treats.
 I may not be a cool kid, but I sure felt the love!

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