Friday, February 17, 2012

Go Wildcats!

Last night Piper and I cheered on the wildcats as they played for the district championship title. We sat in he stands amongst fellow teachers, parents, and students. We clapped along with the cheerleaders, sang our school song with the band, and Miss Pip enjoyed every second of the attention she got. 
The game was a heartbreaker. Our boys gave 100% and they played as a team. Unfortunately the other team was just better. When the final score flashed 25 to 23, we cried out in sadness. But we recovered quickly. The boys had a fantastic season, our best season in the 5 years my school has been open. I am so proud to be a wildcat, to work with such awesome people, and to cheer on my amazing students. It was a GREAT night to be a teacher. 
Also, I need to include that Miss Pip was beyond smitten with Ashley and her lovely locks. I think Pippa is going to be a long hair girl :)

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