Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A sunshine, shorts, and swings afternoon

Work has been stressful. I am starting to feel overwhelmed and over worked. 
I walked outside today after a trying phone call and the sun warmed my soul. 
 And yes, I mean literally. This morning started out cold and foggy. A lack of coffee and a massive to-so list kept the fog over me all day. I felt a little bit like Eeyore. Once I walked out of the double doors and toward my car I felt the stress melt away. I drove home with the windows down and my radio loud. I walked in the door and declared today a shorts and swings afternoon. We went to the park by our house and we swung. Feet pumping, heads thrown back, wind in our hair, Piper squealing and laughing. It was wonderful. Spring I am so HAPPY to see you!

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