Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Right now I'm...

listening to whirl of Pip's white-noise machine, if I listen extra closely I can here her little sleep sighs too
sitting on the chaise with my computer on my lap, iphone uploading pictures by my side
drinking diet cherry coke
thinking about my 30th birthday coming all to quickly
wanting to have a date night with dinner and tickets to Kiss Me Kate (sounds like a pretty good b-day present if you ask me)
needing more sleep, my bed (with clean sheets) is whispering my name
thankful for a 2.5 mile run, an amazing baby sitter, and a healthy 9 month check-up for Miss Pip
wearing pj bottoms, my princeton t-shirt, and a green fleece (the house is a chilly 72 degrees)
praying to crave more of the Lord and less things (ie new clothes, new accessories, sweets) I think I might impose a shopping ban during Lent. 
feeling content
dreaming spring break is only 5 weeks away!
wondering what to do for this weekend's date night
hoping to make time for spin class tomorrow
loving the birthday box my Mom sent. I need to post pictures of her amazing-ness, but until then, just know my Mom is seriously the most thoughtful person on earth!

**blog list stolen borrowed from Kimberlee of the driveway of Life

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