Thursday, February 2, 2012

C'mon Get Happy

This week was not a good one.
In fact if you want to get real for a moment, this week STUNK.
My attitude, my eating, my workouts, my sleep, my actions sucked.
I could wallow in self pity. I could continue to give my husband the silent treatment.
Or I could put on my pajamas, put this day to bed, and get ready for the weekend.
The weekend is always full of promise.

So right now I am forgetting about the last 5 days. And instead I am embracing.

Right now...

Right now I'm...
watching: Parks and Recreation, love this show
drinking:...water in one glass and diet Coke in the other
wearing: my most favorite, most worn, pajama pants and my swim team hoodie from college
listening: Piper snore on the monitor
avoiding: packing and doing the dishes
wishing: that I had made it to the semi-finals of the fellowship nominees, i was eliminated at the top 25% (lack of experience)
feeling: excited about going back to the gym, spin class here I come!
missing: my mom, I need to see her again before the summer
thankful: for long showers, self tanning lotion, and Starbucks coffee
craving: Mellow Mushroom pizza
wondering: what Valentine's day will bring, hopefully a massage (hint, hint!)
weather: It was 72 degrees today, I am thankful for Florida winter
praying: for peace and contentment with my job, it's easy to keep looking for the next BIG thing
needing: a massage (hint, hint!)
thinking: I want to plan a mustache party, when, where, what to eat? 
dreaming: spring break mini vacation! New Orleans? Charleston? Asheville?
loving: Miss Pip!

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