Monday, February 20, 2012

The Sunday I did not expect...

I think the title should be followed by the inevitable dun..dun..dun...
Sunday morning Mr. R. took the first shift with Pip. What that means is he woke up with Pip at 5:30, while I got to sleep. Only I didn't get to sleep in, Mr. found a flea on our bathroom rug. This prompted me to check Simon for fleas, I found 5!

This resulted in a 7:00 AM trip to Walmart for flea shampoo, carpet cleaner, more laundry detergent, oxy clean, and while we were at it, a new vacuum. 

Luckily most of our furniture is of the IKEA variety and is slipcovered. While I put Piper down for her morning nap, Mr. R. removed slipcovers. For two hours we vacuumed, scrubbed floors, and scrubbed the dogs. Then we started on the laundry, seven loads later we had clean furniture and clothes. 

I can now declare our house flea free and now that it's over, I can put a positive spin on spending 10 hours cleaning and doing laundry.  Our house smells spring cleaning amazing and we could almost invite you over to eat off the floor. Not a great Sunday, not the Sunday I have expected, but at least my spring cleaning is finished!

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