Saturday, February 25, 2012

A new start:

Mr. R. and I had a heart to heart this week.
It was one of those conversations that you have with your spouse where you aren't happy during this talk, but after you have it you are grateful for the honesty and having moved forward.
Our talk was about our overall health and wellness.
You see in our house, Mr. R. is addicted to soda. He cannot go a day without sugared soda. While I can pride myself on not caring one lick about soda, I am addicted to coffee. I drink at least two sometimes three cups a day. If I miss a cup of coffee my head hearts and I feel sick. I am also addicted to crackers, cheezits, and snack foods. When I should be reaching for fresh fruit or a vegetable I find myself longing for an empty calorie carbohydrate. I think my need for coffee is due to a lack of energy. And that stems from my poor eating habits.

We are both turning 30 this year. We are both not happy with the state of our midsections and the number the scale displays daily. It is time for a change and together we are moving forward.

From now until Mr. R.'s birthday on April 22, we will be giving up sugar, flour, and aspartame. Please pray for us, bear with us, and encourage us these next 54 days. It's going to be a long tough road, but I think it will be worth it.

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  1. You can do it! The road will be rough. From my experience it will be especially trying during the first week and around the time you are ovulating. But once I realized how addicted to sugar I was, and have been for my entire life, I don't want to go back. My saving grace = I keep bars of dark chocolate (85% +) in the freezer. When I want a sweet, I break off a piece and savor it without guilt. Because it's more bitter than sweet, I don't have that automatic "I want to shove more in my pie hole" feeling I do with milk chocolate (or even 70% now that I'm more sensitive to the taste of sugar).