Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Made my Monday:

A three day weekend was exactly what the doctor ordered. After hours of cleaning and laundering on Sunday I was beyond grateful for a chance to sleep in, relax, and leisurely start my work week. Monday started with coffee and a visit to my Grandparents house. 
Piper is all about showing off when my Grandparents are present. There was much crawling, ball rolling, pulling up on the furniture, clapping, and as usual she said "da-da" non-stop. Seriously, can't a I get one "ma-ma" up in here?
We left my grandparents and headed home for mid-morning naps. Pip went down easy and Mr. R. and I crept off to our own bed for a siesta. It feels funny to admit that I took a morning nap after sleeping for a solid eight hours, but what can I say, we are napping people :)
 The afternoon rolled in and we headed out for a coffee date and some book stalking. Barnes and Nobel is at least #3 or 4 on Piper's favorite place list. She loves all the picture books and I love that she is so into reading. We found two new books and I think that they will soon become part of her collection either as an Easter or birthday gift. If you have a bright and imaginative little girl in your life, she NEEDS these books. Isabella is my kind of heroine and I love that she is teaching my daughter that real women are smart, thoughtful, well-spoken, loving, and can  be anything they want to be. 
I made dinner in the crock (chicken cordon blue), put off my two mile run, made time for a long shower and mini DIY facial, I  slipped into pajamas early and fell asleep reading a new book. It was the perfect day off. 

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