Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's 81 degrees today!

We took the pups for a 2 mile walk.
I have opened every window & door in the house.
Piper and I are rocking shorts and bare feet.
Dinner tonight will be guacamole, chips and sangria.
We started dreaming of our spring/summer bucket list.
3 weeks until Spring break and on;y 12 more in my school year!  Time is literally flying by :)

1. Memorial Day concert in the plaza
2. Music by the sea
3. Beach sunrise
4. Beach sunset
5. Deliver lemonade to the neighbors
6. Make ice cream
7. Have an outdoor game night
8. Go to and host an outdoor movie
9. go mini golfing
10. late night swim
11. build a sand castle
12. have a water fight
13. go to sonic happy hour
14. run through sprinklers
15. go to the zoo
16. go to the aquarium
17. pick blueberries
18. driveway sidewalk chalk
19. hyppo popsicles
20.  roast smores
21. go to Savannah
22. brunch @ Cafe 11
23. coffee and people watching at the fort
24. host a BBQ
25. sonic happy hour ices and a sunday afternoon drive
26. Riverside Arts Market
27. go paddleboarding
28. go kayaking
29. Rita's Water Ice
30. Learn lyrics to Bennie & the Jets
31. Play ping pong
32. Find and purchase our summer anthem CD (the one we will play incessantly until the neighbors complain)
33. Explore Aviles Street
34. Host Piper's 1st Birthday!
35. Birthday for Mr. R.
36. Visit the Northeast
37. Finish the play kitchen
38. Learn to use a sewing machine
39. Get a library card and GO!
40. Go to the splash park

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