Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Baby Shower for Lillian

(and Mama-to-be Allison)
 Allison is a co-worker who is a soon to be Mama.  
The shower theme was "Ready to Pop!", we served popcorn, popcorn chicken, doughnut holes, dips with various chips, mini layered brownies and a gorgeous cake.
I know this might sound odd, but this party was one of my most favorite to plan. I think not having a close relationship with the guest of honor allows me to get more creative, enjoy the planning process, and not stress over the whole event having to be PERFECT. When I throw a party for someone I love, I get a little crazy about details and making sure the party will be "the BEST EVER!" It also showed me that putting my list aside and enjoying the process is good for my soul. My creative juices were a-flowing and even though a few details slipped through the cracks it was a great afternoon. And Allison sure felt the love. 

  This shower also made me think about where I was one year ago. One year ago this March I was attending a virtual shower thrown by my friends and family in NJ. I was rubbing my growing belly, imaging what Miss Pip would be like, and dreaming of finally being able to meet my little girl. I am so excited that in a few short weeks Allison will get to meet her bundle of joy. 

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