Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Year of Three Thanksgivings

Mr. R. and I have a favorite Christmas movie called Four Christmases. The premise is a couple goes home for the Holidays and spends Christmas day visiting their four immediate families. Our Thanksgiving was similar in that we had three Thanksgivings over the course of two days. And we somehow made room in our bellies for the amazing eats at each one. 
Thanksgiving #1: Mom's House on Thanksgiving Eve

 Thanksgiving #2: Lunch at Betty and Dan's, Mr. R. is still raving about Betty's Mac and Cheese and her dry jello salad. P.S. Miss Kate, Pip misses you!

Thanksgiving #3: Mike (Mr. R.'s brother) and Jason cooked a phenomenal meal including a 29 pound turkey!  Pip ate her weight in roasted butternut squash and cornbread. 

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