Monday, November 12, 2012

Thankful 11: for Miss Rita

She loves Piper like she is her own. She gives Mr. R. and I peace of mind when we are not home. She knows our house like the back of her hand. She loves the pups. Miss Rita is exceptionally kind. She is always thinking of others. She gladly takes Piper to the library, the playground, and the carousel. She thinks nothing of an afternoon of arts and crafts. She plays tea party and reads the same book 40 times a day. Saturday night she gave us a night out and as a surprise she brought a balloon bouquet for Pip. The balloons represented Pip's newest obsession , princesses! As we walked out the door for date night, Pip didn't even miss us. That is how good Miss Rita is. She is family!
And we could not survive without her.

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