Monday, November 26, 2012

Home Again!

Thanksgiving Roadtrip 2012 was a total success! We drove 1400 miles, our little Scion now reads 111,111 on the odometer, we saw our favorite people, drank Wawa coffee daily, and stored up as many hugs and memories as our hearts can hold. It was bittersweet saying goodbye, but are grateful to never be more than a phone call away from the ones we love. Also... it felt amazing to sleep in our own beds on Saturday night. I will return soon with a full recap, but until then here are a few of my favorite photos from our time away. 
A Piper airplane hat! 
 Family dinners, stories, and lots of tractors...
The Republicans in front of the Philadelphia skyline.
 Crush from Finding Nemo!
He lives on the 3rd floor of Adventure Aquarium.
 To Pip, there is nothing in life better than the swings!
 Sweet Cousin Jonas!
Pitman Doughnuts with Pop-pop.
Decisions, decisions...

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