Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thankful 10: Thankful for a date night!

On Thursday a sweet friend offered me symphony tickets. A quick email to Mr. R. to see if he was free followed by a call to Miss Rita to see if she could watch Pip and a date night was ours! I have blogged before about the importance of date night. We try to schedule a date night at least once a week, but since Pip has come along, most of our dates have been at home. 

A date night out of the house is reason for celebration. It's a chance for me to reconnect with heels, my little black dress, and my husband. Have I mentioned how amazing Mr. R. looks in a suit?

The Jacksonville Orchestra was wonderful. The program was titled Ravishing Rachmaninoff and while I know very little about this Russian composer, I loved his compositions. The orchestra was joined by the Jacksonville Chorus and they were fabulous as well. The symphony combined with dinner out and a little wine is the equivalent of date night amazingness around here. 
On a side note, Miss Pip is in love with the TV show Little Einsteins. The shows premise is to give toddlers an appreciation for fine art and music. They feature a new artist and composer each episode. The show also teaches music timing. You will often hear Pip mimicking the words Allegro, adagio, retardando. Last night as I was reading the symphony program those same words appeared next to each movement. It made me think of my girl and how someday we will take her to the symphony. 

I am so grateful to sweet friends, awesome baby-sitters, date nights, and the ability to take a night off from parenting, but still miss my girl at the same time. 

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