Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Night 2012

This night has been a LONG time coming. When you are married to a party activist, the two years leading up to the Presidential Election are like pre-gaming for the Superbowl. You watch the news, track possible candidates, and make you picks for who will make it the the playoffs RNC convention. Mr. R. has been a Romney guys since 2008. He can expound for hours on why Romney is the best choice this year, but since this is my blog I will tell you that Mr. R. supports Romney for his foreign policy, his plan for the economy, and his desire to get people back to work. 
Since August Mr. R. has been following the polls, knocking on doors, and spreading the word about local and federal candidates running for office. He feels that voting is a right that we don't take seriously enough. His desire is for everyone to be informed about that candidates that are running so they can actually make their vote count.

Mr. R. is a die hard Republican, I would bet he has little red elephants coursing through his veins instead of red blood cells, but he has NEVER voted for or supported a candidate he did not believe in. If you are unhappy with your choices he always says, there is nothing wrong with writing in the name of a better candidate. Perhaps that is why 1% of Americans vote for Jesus every four years. Tonight is Mr. R.'s superbowl. He will stay up way past my bedtime tracking polling stations across the country and calculating the margins by which our President won.

Tonight I am wearing my Republican gear and I am also throwing a party.
Any excuse for a party right?
 All American Meatloaf Pattymelts
I stole the idea from Nick's BBQ in Charleston, SC and they are delicious!
(meatloaf, pimento cheese, roasted onions/peppers, and BBQ sauce)
Mini apple pies

And just for fun, a little mad libs while you wait.

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