Thursday, November 29, 2012

Corson Park

Corson Park is my childhood park. It's where I fed the ducks, it's where I played on the swings, it's where I learned how to cross the monkey bars. Mr. R. and I actually took our engagement pictures there back in 2005.
  Last Wednesday I introduced Pip to the park that I hold so close to my heart. And I hope that once day she will remember it fondly too. Her favorite park of any playground is still the swings. She is at the point where she knows to pump her legs!
And she squeal and claps when you push her higher. And let me tell you, sister wants to go higher. She was also a big fan of crunching and jumping in the leaves.
  It's a childhood memory I had taken for granted and forgotten, but as a Florida kid, she had never jumped in a lead pile before. She loved to listen for the crackle as she jumped and rolled through the leaf piles. Fall is our new fave. 

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