Saturday, November 17, 2012

A bulleted (yet still Thankful update):

November 13: Thankful for Best Friends who make surprise visits and help out with bath time and story time. Nicole you will forever be the Lunt to my Cheeseburger. We miss you already!
November 14: Thankful nights off from grad school and commitments. Mr. R. has been incredibly busy with work and school and while he does a great job balancing all that is on his plate, it's nice to have him all to ourselves once in a while.

November 15: Thankful for students who love science, embrace challenges, and make me want to stay in the classroom.
 November 16: Thankful for my crock-pot. It prepared dinner while I ran around packing, washing, cleaning, and making lists for our trip. Tonight's dinner is a spin on a recipe that has been making its way around pinterest. Ham slice, dried white beans, and 32 oz of chicken broth placed in your crock-pot for 8 hours on low. I add another 16 ounces of chicken broth and stir in a bag of kale and cook for one more hour. So good!
November 17: Thankful for a change in plans. Mr. R. and I were supposed to be in Charleston right now. But we made a last minute decision to give ourselves one more night at home before taking off for   our Thanksgiving 2012 road trip. I love that he saw how tired I was and made the decision that I knew I should have made all along.And a pre-emptive thankful for tomorrow, We are ever so thankful for Miss Rita who is house sitting and taking care of Simon and Sophie in our absence. We know they will be spoiled, loved on, and not miss us at all!

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