Friday, November 2, 2012

30 Days of Thankful

For the last three years Mr. R. and I have made it a point to share something we are thankful for each day in November. We call it Thankful 30. It reminds us of our good fortune, it makes us humble for all the gifts we have been given, it helps us remember the ones we love and the ones we have lost, and lastly Thankful 30 makes us reflect on all the little things that happen each day.

November 1: Thankful for Our Parents Safety
As many of you know Hurricane Sandy rained down on the East coast Sunday October 28th. Both my Mom and Mr. R.'s parents were untouched. The eye of the hurricane went right over our hometowns. In towns just 20 miles from my mom's house there were 90 mile an hour winds, lives lost, houses destroyed, and power lines snapped like twigs. Our parents are safe, there homes are still standing, and my mom didn't even lose power. We feel beyond blessed. I am not even sure if I can articulate how thankful I am. Our hearts are still broken over the damage to our beloved New Jersey. Our prayers are very much with those who are still suffering. I am thankful for the relief efforts. I am thankful for my amazing college friends that have opened their doors to neighbors and other members of our graduating class. I am proud to be a CSE girl and stand among women who rise to the occasion to help one another. 

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