Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thankful 30: Day 2

I drink one cup of coffee every morning and one cup every afternoon. A cup of hot coffee gives me the chance to sit down, read my email, talk with my husband, or blog. Coffee provides me much needed "me time". Coffee helps me wake-up when Pip rises at 5:00 AM. Coffee makes our house smell delicious. Coffee reminds me of my Dad and my grandfather. Coffee tastes amazing with chocolate. And a few years ago I read an article that said coffee boosts leg and brain power which helps runners. If coffee were a person I am sure we would be BFFs. 

And speaking of coffee am I in LOVE with Steve Weinberg newest water color series, Important People Drinking Coffee. Sometimes I really do feel like Atlas, with the world resting on my shoulders, but then I remember I still get a coffee break. 

P.S. How cute is this Cookie Monster print. I think it would look adorable in our kitchen.   

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