Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Weekend Lens

 Friday: Pip is a big fan of undressing and dressing herself. She picked put the cupcake shirt and Christmas tights on her own. I am not sure what to make of her fashion choices, but I love that she rocks them proudly. 
Reindeer Fleece. Someone is gearing up for cold weather.  
 Mimi sent a package. 
Tammy the Turkey!
 This is Pip taking pictures. She holds an item up to her eyes and makes clicking sounds. 
 Chipotle lunch date. Steak bowl, rice, black beans, and guac. 
 Costco big shop. Apples, soup, Brussels sprouts and crablegs. 
She loves my sunglasses. 
And while we are at it, she is loving my shoes too. I find my flats scattered all over the house. 
 Jumping on our bed this morning. 
 Dorothy Shoes!
All we are missing is Toto.

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