Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Piptures from the Road 11/18:

 We have learned to start our roadtrips early in the morning, hoping Pip will sleep for the first 3-4 hours. We left St. Aug at 4:00AM with Pip happily snoozing in her car seat. To be honest I also slept in the back seat the first leg of the trip. We stopped in Florence, South Carolina for breakfast. On the road, McDonald's oatmeal and a large coffee suit us just fine. We try to stop every two hours, usually at rest stops along I-95. We pack a cooler and snacks so we do not have to stop for lunch. Traffic was minimal on Sunday and we ended up pulling into Reston, VA at 5:00 PM Sunday night. 
Mr. R. would like me to point out that we would have made better time if I had not insisted on a Wawa coffee stop in Stafford, VA. I am unapologetic about this stop. I needed coffee, Pip needed a soft pretzel and because we were both appeased the rest of the trip was peaceful and uneventful. 
 We were lucky enough to have dinner with my BFF, Nicole's, parents Sunday night and then we crashed at the hotel. In her 18 months here on Earth Pip has stayed in 6 hotels and girlfriend loves them. She is a big fan of the corded phone, the jet whirpool tubs, the big windows, jumping on the beds, and the ice machine. She has also been known to chat-up guests in the elevator and princess wave to the hotel staff as we come and go from the lobby.

This kid, oh does she make me laugh!

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