Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This is what working from home looks like.

I don't know if I have shared this on the blog before, Mr. R. works from home. He spends his days in an office in the back of our home working on spreadsheets and trying to spend the governments money. His title is Senior Research Market Analyst. If you ask him what he does he will tell you he is in federal procurement.
What he doesn't tell you is that he also spends his days rocking our daughter, eating pancakes with me, walking our dogs, washing a load of clothes, talking to me while I stretch after a run, making lunch, and sometimes putting away groceries and going for long walks on his lunch break. 
I know his days will not always be like this. I know that someday soon he will leave his office in our home and spend his days wearing a suit, instead of jeans, and making a morning commute instead of pancake breakfasts. So right now I will cherish our time together.


  1. So why can't Mr. R fix this budget crisis?! Withhold pancakes until he does. ;)

    I'm sure it'll be a huge adjustment when he no longer works from home; in this season of your life, I know having an extra set of hands at home is just what a new mom needs.

  2. I told him to work on it! i am not sure I have the willpower to with hold pancakes though :) I might end up eating them all myself!

  3. Love! Matt does a lot of work from home too, so I know EXACTLY what you mean (minus the rocking the baby part).