Sunday, August 7, 2011

On Friday we went shopping!

My mom excels at many things, but I would say her top three are home decor, baking, and styling. When she comes to visit I make sure I put all three talents to work :)
My mom has an excellent sense of style and is great at putting together colorful and interesting outfits on a budget. She is also an excellent shopper with an eye for details and pieces that can tie outfits together. I, on the other hand, am a basic shopper. I make sure I always have khakis, jeans, black pants, colorful camis, and good shoes. I need my mom to step in and add the fun clothing items that can amp up my basics into something interesting.
We started at old navy. Graphic tees are a staple in my life and I love the look of a graphic tee under a blazer for work and of course, the standard graphic tees and jeans are weekends. I have also seen graphic tees styled with a skirt on J's site. It's an interesting look and something I might try this fall. Old Navy currently has these bad boys on sale for $10 if you are interested. I have to say I am completely in LOVE with the embellished heels on this one!
Mom also found this cropped peacoat blazer at Old Navy. The denim is a nice touch of casual, but I can totally see this becoming dressed with a cute dress and heels. It also has a cute pleat in the back.
Our next stops included DSW, Forever 21, Lululemon, and Black House/White Market. If Mr. R. were made of money I could have done some SERIOUS damage... BHWM was home to the black and white chevron skirt.
The other three skirts hale from the house of A.  Anthropologie is my favorite store of all time. If they would let me I would set up home between the racks and never leave. I always joke about trying to work their part time just to soak up the style. They are currently having a HUGE clearance sale and most everything is 50% off. I love the yellow pattern on this tan skirt.
I may not be ready to head back to work in two weeks, but I am ready to start wearing more than running shorts and a ribbed tank top. I feel like one of my students, already planning that first day outfit!


  1. Wow, you hit the jackpot. I love all your fashion finds! At least your wardrobe will be ready to go back to work.

  2. Love all the clothes...I too am ready to get dressed in "real" clothes everyday again! I actually got some new shoes and dresses for my student more suits and heels for this girl! Pip is so cute! :)

  3. Hi Hillary, Jeff, and Piper, Thank you so much for sharing your "everyday doings". Pip it's so much fun watching you grow up right before my eyes; just don't grow too fast. Even though you all only live a stones throw away it is impossible to visit every day. I almost feel like a peeping tom. But, when I finish enjoying each "peep" its worth it. I'm glad you can't see the silly grin that I find on my face after each pleasurable episode of your journal and pictures. Love "you all" very much. Granny Faye