Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I want to be President!

 I guess it is only fitting that the daughter of Mr. Republican would own a book titled "I want to be President!". I happen to love that it features Betty Lou the blonde haired muppet. Although, I don't think I ever remember her being on the 80's Sesame Street that I grew up with. 
We have been reading to Pip for almost two months now, but just this past week she has really started to notice that there is an actual book in front of her. She has started to grab the pages and turn her head when new images come into her view. She seems to really love books with lots of contrasting colors and bold images. 
And she loves when her dad changes voices while reading. His old lady voice (as featured in the Babar books) is her current fave. Tonight we are reading the ZOO book, hopefully she will love my version of lion roars and elephant trumpets.

P.S. And a big thank-you goes out to Roy, Jenn and Gavin for Pip's new book! 

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