Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Night In...

My Satur-DAY was a busy one. 7:00 PM rolled around all too quickly and Miss Pip was ready for a bath, books, and bed. The minute we laid her sleepy head in the crib, Mr. R. and I prepped for date night. 
Awesome dinner? 
Netflix movie? 
Cuddling on the chaise while watching said movie? Check. 
Tonight's dinner is one to be remembered and repeated.
 I sauteed the onion, pepper, and sausage. (Tonight I used Costco's mango jalepeno chicken sausage).
Once they were cooked I added half the beer to deglaze the pan. I turned the burner to high and allowed the ingredients to simmer and the alcohol to cook out. 
We ate ours on Costco torta rolls (they are my new fave) with a bit of grated cheddar on top. 
And the movie, the original Ocean's 11.
Can I just say I wish I had lived in the 1960's.  Skinny ties, men in suits and fedoras, kitten heels, fitted dresses, my heart just swoons. 


  1. That sausage is great! I have yet to try to mango jalapeno, but just finished off the pineapple one. They made great, fasts breakfasts for me last week.

    You can still wear fitted dresses, I sometimes do. But most of the time I like looser, flowing ones. They're just so much more comfortable. I don't know if I could style my hair "60's" every day either. My cousin did my hair kind of "beehive-like" for a wedding last weekend. (Still waiting for her to post pics on FB.) It looked great but that's a lot of work every day.

  2. Sounds like a great night to me. Isn't it funny that you Floridians are enjoying a calm, peaceful saturday while the rest of your northern neighbors are bracing for a hurricane? I guess it's only fair...Florida always gets the beating. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. Sharon, I loved the sausage! I will have to try it for breakfast this weekend. Good Idea! I would love to see the picture of her hair! I can't imagine taking the time to do the hair and make-up on daily basis. Right now I am wash and go with a swipe of mascara and lipgloss in the car!

    Alison, The only thing the hurricane gave to us was wind and a little rain. It was nice to get a break from bad weather. We actually went to the pool on Saturday and Sunday. So glad that DC was spared as well.