Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm where I should be.

It's 8:44 and I should be at the movies right now. I had planned a girl's night earlier this week with some of my favorite teachers and I was beyond excited to see the movie adaptation of The Help. I loved loved loved the book. But as with even the best made plans, things changed.

I stayed at school one hour too late. 
I went out to my car to find the battery dead.
It took 4 people, two cars, and a stroke of luck to get my car running again.
I came home to a VERY cranky baby who only wanted her Mama.
And her Mama really wanted to attend girl's night.

But instead we cuddled. 
She ate.
We sang songs. 
We read two golden books.
She got a bath. 
And now my girl is sleeping soundly. 
By the looks of her you would never know she had a rough day.
So, I missed girl's night.
But in the end, I am right where I should be. 

1 comment:

  1. So true; you were where you needed to be. Don't worry, you'll miss MANY more girls nights before Piper is grown. Not what you wanted to hear, right? :)