Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks this morning. I survived my first week back to work last week, but working with 10 -12 year olds and then coming home to a teething 3 month old is not easy. Today I slept in and took two naps. It was glorious! 
Pipsqueak is loving books. This morning she sat on Mr. R's lap for 30 minutes turning pages and staring at the pictures. I have to admit that I love story time too. I am rediscovering my childhood books and finding my old favorites. Todays reads were Big Bird's Big Red Book and Sesame Street's Four Seasons Play. I really need to video Mr. R. reading, he does voices for Grover and Cookie Monster and Pipster squeals with delight! It's awesome, seriously it could be considered the highlight of my day. 
 Pip took a morning nap at 11AM giving me enough time to make dinner in the crockpot. Chicken and dumplings. My picture doesn't even do it justice. Dinner was lick the bowl good and incredibly easy.
 Another keeper. I followed this recipe but subbed in sauteed carrots, onions, and celery and used only two chicken breasts. I also added two peeled and diced sweet potatoes. Following Stephanie's example I made my own roux, but used Grands biscuits as the topping. After, Mr. R. professed his love of dinner and me. Put this on your to-make list. 


  1. I often wonder how mom's do it....I'm exhausted when I come home from work! I suddenly have the urge to read books from my childhood!

  2. i always steal your dinner ideas--- thanks for this one! Will make it ASAP :)

  3. I have no idea how Mom's with toddlers and older children do it. Piper still naps and sleeps for about 14 hours a day. I can't imagine what life will be like when she is up and at'em for 16 hours a day! I am going to be a walking zombie!

    Sharon, I found my old Bernstein bear books! They are my absolute fave!

    Rachel, I hope you like it as much as we did. I was trying to copy the flavors that The Floridian has in their dumplings by adding the sweet potato. Next time I might add cornbread instead if the biscuits.