Thursday, August 18, 2011

Marriage Lesson #83:

I try to pack in as much as I possibly can in one day. I start the day with coffee in hand and take off running, sometimes literally and other times figuratively. Then their is breakfast for Piper, a shower for me, drive to work, work, drive home, feed Piper, walk dogs, make dinner, feed Piper, eat dinner, and then somewhere around 9 PM I collapse and start it all again. 

Did you see husband loving anywhere on the todo list? 
Nope. I didn't it. And I need it. Jeff needs it. Our marriage needs it. So tonight, after walking the dogs and before making dinner, we carved out some time to just spend with each other. Cell phones off, computers away, Piper sleeping, dogs outside. We caught up on our days, laughed at inside jokes, and reconnected. My husband is awesome. And my marriage is worth way more than facebook updates, text messages, and clean laundry.

In short, I might be harder to get ahold of. I might be a little more wrinkled. My house might be a bit more messy, but my husband is worth it. 

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