Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hometown Tourists

I love St. Augustine. I love the beaches, St. George Street full of its cute cafes and boutique stores. I love the history our town holds. I love taking our pups to the fort on Saturday mornings. I love strolling the farmer's market stalls at the pier and the amphitheater. I love the island for Sunday drives and water ice stops. 
When my Mom is in town I get to play tourist and hit all my favorite places with gusto. I get to show her the new shops that opened, the new eats we have found, or just visit our old haunts with a pair of fresh eyes. 
Today we ventured downtown to stroll the shops, I am loving Red Pineapple and Dragonflies right now and sample the new flavors at the Hyppo (home of the best scratch made organic popsicles on the planet). Mom had keylime, which she gave two thumbs up, and I had the Elvis (chocolate, peanutbutter, and banana). All I can say is, the king new what he was doing when he created that flavor combo!
And of course we always make room for cupcakes at Luli's!
 The flavor of the month is Keylime, but after trying the oreo red velvet I think that is my new fave!


  1. I'm not really sure how I feel about strolling around downtown naked....but looks like you had fun! LOL :) ~Kristin

  2. AHH! I didn't even notice! I guess my sundress didn't make it into the picture!

  3. HAHAHA I was gonna post, "Did those popsicles taste better naked? but Kristin beat me to it! :)