Monday, August 22, 2011

I ran out of space!

As I was trying to upload a few pictures from today, google informed I had used up all of my available picture space! 1,000 pictures are currently all over this blog and google has said NO MORE! What does this mean for the future of our little family blog and our adventures? Not a whole lot really. I need to pay the man (aka google) $5 and then I can post up to 10,000 pictures! I can't imagine I will have 10,000 things to take pictures of, but then again I never thought I would have 1,000 posts on this little old blog of mine either. In short... Sorry for the lack of pictures, as soon as I find my visa card we will be back in business!


  1. That happened to me, too! It's worth the extra $5 to see more pictures of Miss Piper. :)

  2. Alison! I just saw that you moved to wordpress! Aren't you the fancy pants :) So glad you survived the earthquake. I can't believe you didn't feel it!