Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week in Our Life: Reflections

Today marks the end of my week in the life documentary. I have to say that I loved and loathed this project. I loved stopping to think about the highs and lows of our days together. 
I loved trying to tie in a whole days worth of events into a short narrative. I loved looking through an entire days worth of pictures and choosing my favorites. I loved telling a story worth 10,000 words in iphone snapshots.
 I think my favorite part of this project was thinking about what I wanted to remember about each day and which stories I wanted to write and hopefully reiterate to Piper someday.

Week in the life is crazy hard though! Some nights Mr. R. and I would sit down to blog and I would ask "what do we want to remember?" "what happened today?". And we would look at each other and say "nothing really happened". And it's true. We are ordinary people with ordinary days. 
If you succeed in completing "A Week in the Life" you have succeeded in finding out why your life is wonderful and worth celebrating. 
So as I embrace August and turn to a new page on the calendar, I am going to celebrate swim lessons, family dinners, book club meetings, family naps, champers with the hubs, trips to Costco, laundry piles, clean sheets, and 2 for 1 ice cream deals because my life is awesome.  The people I share my life with are amazing. And I am blessed just to be here experiencing it all. 
(FYI: Every good celebration deserves cupcakes)


  1. Hilary, I loved your week in review. Exercises like this help us to keep a good perspective, I think. You know, to celebrate the little things in life, because, life is made up of little moments. The big, fancy, wild and crazy moments are few and far between. I have to remind myself of this often.

  2. I love this. Lately I have been so consumed with finishing school that I feel I am missing the little things. Definitely ready to have some time to soak up the everyday stuff and spend some quality time with my Norah. :)