Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Totally Made my Tuesday!

Tonight is the night Rockefeller Center lights the giant Christmas tree! For me this is the start of the holiday season. It was a tradition (my 4 years at St. E's) that a group of us would go into the city and stand in the freezing cold, snow or rain to see the tree lit IN PERSON. Of course we were there for the live music and sheet spectacle of a ginormous tree and millions of tiny lights! Nothing beats those memories of frozen fingers, frozen toes, the magic of the giant tree, Christmas spirit being shared between total strangers, and of course the year we were close enough to TOUCH Nick Lachey. (This was of course back in 2001, when he was still cool.)
I no longer live in Jersey, just a 30 minute train ride from NYC, but the Christmas tradition still continues. Mr. R and I will be watching the tree lighting ceremony from our living room this year, complete with hot chocolate, cookies, and plenty of Christmas spirit.
Let's face it, I love holiday memories, Christmas traditions, and any chance to sing Christmas carols.


  1. Oh how I would love to see the Rockefeller tree in person! I haven't been to NYC since I was a little girl and don't remember it at all. One day I'll get there; hopefully during the holidays. It just seems so magical.

    Enjoy the tree lighting on tv tonight!

  2. That sounds great! I would love to see that lighting of the tree in NYC live or to see the Macy's Day Parade in person. And I love all of the Christmas spirit too!!