Saturday, November 13, 2010

Baby Name Blues...

Mr. R is not fun at all. When it comes to picking baby names, he sucks at the boy ones. He likes ONLY ONE name, Jefferson. Have I mentioned his name is Jeff? We are not having Jeff Jr. Not happening, people.

We are all set on girl's names. In fact the one we chose is pretty rockin! But that is for another day...
So, instead I sit and type about the boy's names that Mr. R refuses to admit are cool. So I am pandering to you dear readers. What do you like?



  1. When I was pregnant, Craig wanted to name our son Maximillian Xavier. With a last name like Smith, we need a multisyllabic name, but that was a bit overboard, if you ask me. Thank God we had a girl!

    I love your list and am partial to Charlie, Gideon and Eli. One of my Body Pump instructors has a son named Emmett; the other has a son named Calvin.

    Tell Mr. R that you won't budge; I tend to believe that the pregnant mom has the upperhand in this debate. Perhaps Jefferson could the be middle name?

  2. On that list my fav's are Levi, Eli and Felix.

  3. I love baby name talk! We were set on both girl and boy husband's name is Jeffrey...we call him Jeff...too funny. We said if we had a boy it would be Louis (Lou) Jeffrey ...and if a girl Norah Addison...all the names are family names. Of course we had a baby girl and that is all the kids for us! I do love talking baby names with friends though! I named my recent puppies after literary figures...Huckleberry FINN and Pride and Prejudice Mr. DARCY...
    I really like all the names you have listed for a boy...Emmett, Miles and Hugh stick out to me that I like a lot. But I have to admit I like Jefferson too!
    The funny thing is...once you pick a name and the name seems like the most naturally thing ever and you won't think any other name will fit the same!

  4. I am cracking up over Maximillian Xavier. He sounds like a character out of X-men! Thank goodness you had a Caroline.

    I am partial to Levi, but I also love Calvin because of Calvin and Hobbes. I am seeing a room decked out in Tigers as I write this. Hugh is awesome too, but where we are from people drop the "H" sound on the beginning of words so I worry he might be called "you" and not Hugh.