Monday, November 22, 2010

A day in DC with Mr. R

You will have to excuse my blogging absence for the next few days. Mr. R. and I are on a crazy THANKSGIVING WEEK road trip. The stops include Va, DC, Philly, South Jersey & Central Jersey.

Mr. R has to take in a few meetings with the BIG boss down in DC today and I am along for the trip to do some shopping at Tyson's, Trader Joe's, and Georgetown! Hopefully today's itinerary will look a little like this....

1. Tyson's Corner shopping for me (while Mr. R is working the business scene)

2. GEORGETOWN! (I need some cool wrapping and invites from The Papery)

3. DC Cupcakes (Caramel apple cupcake? Yes, please!)

4. Clarendon (our old 'hood)

5. Obligatory Holiday photos by DC landmarks (do you think the 50 trees are out yet?)

6. Drinks with friends (Whitlow's I miss you with all my heart!)


  1. Have fun visiting your old haunts. I'm waving to you from Alexandria! Oh, and please throw a caramel apple cupcake my way. :)

  2. Oh, TJ's, why are you not in FL?

    Who knows where life will take you. Perhaps someday you'll live in DC again?

  3. Alison, you have to go to Georgetown cupcakes and ate a caramel apple cupcake! They are worth every calorie.

    Sharon, I know we could end up back in DC, but Jeff needs to be elected to congress first!

  4. Have fun on your Thanksgiving travel are going to be busy! :)