Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quick Post!

I am sorry I haven't been around this week. I decided my life wasn't stressful/crazy enough and added a bedroom makeover to my spring break to do list. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but my todo list also contains a bathroom renovation including a floor install, a new vanity, and some fun stenciling.

I promise to do a big update on Sunday and catch you up on the past week. I have been saving draft posts I just need to include the pictures...speaking of pictures, I think the new camera is on the horizon! My birthday presents consisted of money this year and I am only $200 short in purchasing the camera of my dreams. I think I can dip into the Martin savings to make up the difference. Costco here I come!

Lastly, I managed to run 4 times this week! I have been really terrible and getting in workouts lately, but this week warranted some time with the treadmill/sidewalk and I accomplished 4 short runs (between 2-3 miles each).

Well, I am off to Home Depot to buy paint, Himalayan Mist and Bicycle Yellow, new rollers, sponges and frog tape. Let's all cross our fingers that I can tackle the bedroom walls before lunch today!

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  1. Hope the painting is going well today. Nice job on all the running this week too. (I have not run since the Gate! Eeeeee)