Saturday, March 6, 2010

March 6: Congressman Mica throws a pretty good party.

(Jeremy, Roy, Mica, & Mr. R)

Who: Congressman John Mica, Congressional District 7
What: A Young Republicans BBQ providing free food and beer for hungry republican under the age of 35.
Where: His awesomely architecturally beautiful home in WinterPark Florida
When: Saturday March 6, 2010
Why: There are several reasons for this one.

1. Mr. R and Congressman Mica go way back to Mr. R's days on Capitol Hill working for another congressman who served with Mica on the transportation committee.
2. I wanted to see what his home looked like and yes it is unbelievable. (Mr. R needs to run for Congress ASAP, if I can get a house like that).
3. Mrs. Mica rocks. She is a former teacher, incredibly down to earth, and she is from PA and loves the Jersey shore. (If she was about 20 year younger we could be BFFs).
4. The Mica's live 20 minutes from IKEA. (Enough said).
5. I love meeting new people and wearing new dresses.

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