Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mr. R. Speaks: Elections Have Consequences

Mr. R. here with an important disclaimer: The following is a heavily opinionated political rant. If you don't like it, you should probably move to North Korea where they shoot ordinary citizens for expressing their ideas. The opinions expressed here are mine solely, and do not necessarily reflect any opinions that Hilary may have on the subject.

"Elections have consequences."

That is what I told my friends in 2008 who supported McCain but were too timid to volunteer one hour of one weekend to knock on some doors or make a few phone calls.

On Sunday, March 21, we saw the consequences of the 2008 election. Despite widespread public opposition and no bi-partisan support, congressional Democrats rammed through a massive new entitlement program that will alter our country in ways we cannot yet fathom. What is more, they made every dirty deal imaginable to get enough votes.

Elections have consequences my friends, and you can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines while people in Washington start exerting more and more authority over your individual rights. Here is a list of all Florida Representatives who voted to make you wards of the state:
Allen Boyd
Corrine Brown
Kathy Castor
Alan Grayson
Doc Hastings
Ron Klein
Suzanne Kosmas
Kendrick Meek (running for U.S. Senate)
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

If you live in or near any of these congressional districts, get out and volunteer in any way you can to kick these bums out! Even if you only talk to friends and relatives, just get the word out! If you live in another state, read the paper or run a Google search to find out how your Representative voted. Don't be afraid to call up their office and tell them that you will be holding them accountable in November. Believe me, you won't be the only one calling with that message.

I'll leave you with a parting thought:
At the end of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, a Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia encountered Ben Franklin coming out of the Congress. Mrs. Powel asked: "Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?"
Franklin responded: "A republic if you can keep it!"

There you have it! A founding father and one of the greatest statesmen in our history understood that even the unique American system could be corrupted if citizens took their freedoms for granted. In Franklin's reply is the key difference between the Democrat and Republican parties of today. The liberals who control the Democrat party see themselves as the protectors and guarantors of our American rights. Instead of allowing citizens to actively assert their rights, they prefer to project the illusion that our freedoms are secure through massive government entitlement programs.

Republicans, on the other hand generally believe our republic is best maintained by the active participation of an informed citizenry. By exercising all of our liberties, people let the government know where its limits lie. When we get lethargic or take those liberties for granted, government (any government) is always only too happy to restrict them.

Elections have consequences. Now let's make sure the Democrats who voted for this bill find out firsthand.

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