Saturday, March 6, 2010

Birthday Wishlist!

March is my birthday month and I cannot put into words how much I love my birthday!

It all started with my Mom who made birthdays wonderful in my house growing up. There were parties, special dinners, fancy homemade desserts, birthday crowns, and beautifully wrapped thoughtful presents. My birthday started a week before the actual day (the 19th) and lasted until the end of the month. Both of my parents went out of their way to make me feel special and loved. And I will cherish that time with both of them forever.And even though I will turn 28 this year and live a thousand miles away, my mom still goes out of her way to make my birthday special.

Mr. R usually likes a few hints as to what I might want to open on my birthday. So I thought I might share with you what I am currently lusting after.

An Einstein bobble head.
Einstein was my first love and I am still enamored and floored by the extent of his brainpower, cultural wisdom, and work ethic. I think he deserves a place in my china cab
inet. (Which ironically holds no china).

Night @ the Museum 1 on DVD.
I received Night @ the Museum II for Valentine's Day and I need to complete the collection.

You've Got Mail on DVD.
This is my 2nd favorite movie, right behind Bewitched with Nicole Kidman & Will Ferrel.

And the big present!
Project Life (and since wish lists are made for hoping a Nikon D5000)

I have been wanting to do project life for a while and now that I
have committed to taking daily pictures this year. I think this project would be a great way to document life @ Casa Republican in 2010.

And the camera, well that is something I need to save for, but seeing as this is a wish list I think it deserves a spot on here too.

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  1. I happen to have one thing on your wish list that was just sitting in storage collecting dust. Not anymore, it's packed in my bag for the weekend to be delivered to you!