Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Back when I first started weight watchers online I joined the 20 something blog and made great virtual friendships with a few girls who were newlyweds like me. I quickly learned new online terms such as DH or DB (dear husband/boyfriend) and SV(scale victory) or NSV (non-scale victory).

Today was a NSV day for me. I was standing in my closet this morning lamenting over not having anything to wear when I saw an old dress from '08. It was an Easter dress I bought at DressBarn and then grew a little to thick in the middle to wear it nicely. Truthfully, I can only remember wearing it twice. With a hope and a prayer I slid it on and it looked decent! Nice in fact. I actually got quite a few compliments at work, which truly made my day.

Here is my bathroom mirror picture of my NSV. I am trying to get better at these self-portaits...if only I had a NIKON D5000... (Just kidding!) The iphone will do for now.
But seriously, my hand looks giant in this picture!

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