Friday, March 26, 2010

3/26: Why do we live in Florida?

When I packed my bags for St. Augustine 3 years ago many people couldn't believe I was willing to leave DC behind. They were even more shocked when Mr. R chose to follow me 4 months later. We both loved DC. In fact, many months we actually get a little homesick for our old neighborhood, but the mall complete with its Smithsonians, Georgetown with the amazing shops, and the fun weekend happenings really cannot compete with the life we have made here.

So why do we choose to live in Florida?
Here are our reasons:
  • We can actually own a home in Florida. Our little three bedroom ranch would be worth $500,000 in our old Arlington neighborhood and trust me, that is a bit out of our price range.
  • No MORE SNOW! No more shoveling or deicing.
  • The beach is 7 miles away!
  • Traffic is nonexistent here. I drive 25 miles to work in 25 minutes. Instead of 25 miles in 90 minutes...
  • Mr. R works from home. He takes calls in his pajamas and can load the dishwasher or do laundry during the work day
  • The pups have a yard. There own yard. No more 3 AM poop walks down N. Rhodes Street.
  • And on March 26th while the Northeast was being pelted with snow and 30 degree temperatures. We had dinner outside in short sleeves.
To throughly hammer my point home. Here is a pic of Mr. R from Friday evening.
We had dinner at the Conch House, the same place where we had our wedding reception. If you ever go you MUST eat the shrimp and grits! They were OUTSTANDING! And Mr. R raved about his Key West Rum Punch. I stole a few sips and it was really good too.

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