Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8: Stand By Your Man...

Imagine me singing this in full Dolly Parton twang. (When searching for a picture I found out that Tammy Wynette actually sings this).

Mr. R has decided to apply for the county's zoning board. And since we live in Republicanville where every action you make or decision decided has politcal application he is acitively campaigning for the seat.

This means lots of meet and greets, hand shaking, head nodding, and more republican meetings to attend.

Tonight was the greater Saint Augustine meeting and it was really nice to see some of our favorite people. I also got to break in my new wedges and have wine so it was really a win-win for me.

Mr. R is feeling pretty pleased as well. He has a few meetings set up for later this week so keep your fingers crossed he gets the position.

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