Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Holly GoLightly Moment

My favorite movie of all time is Breakfast at Tiffany's. The clothes, the style, the quirkiness, it just amazes me! It is the movie I go to if I am having a bad day, if I am sick, or as Kristin puts it, Breakfast at Tiffany's is the background music to my life. (For her, its You've Got Mail).

Last night after our date, Mr. R and I made a Target run for jellybeans and a new table runner. (FYI: we found both items and a new platter from Liberty of London. I will post a picture of the table later this week. )

As I was pursuing the aisles advertising fun clothes, new bathing suits, girlie beach reads, and vacuums, I realized that Target is truly my happy place. Target is my Tiffany's. Whether my mood is great or sour Target always makes a little happier. I walk a little faster when I get out of my car knowing I might stumble across a new top or pair of earrings. Even if I am only going to buy Toilet paper and Pledge dust wipes the thought of perusing the DVD and CD section is enough to make even the most menial shopping worth while.

I know many of you will scoff at my love for a BIG BOX chain store. You will tell me that the best shopping comes from obscure boutiques and that Target is simply a red colored Wal-Mart. And you may be right... but to me, Target is my rainbow on a rainy day. If only they served breakfast...


  1. If you want popcorn or a hot dog for breakfast, then they have that too.

    I don't shop at Target too often, probably because I know I could blow a wad there. Growing up in Minnesota (they're a Minneapolis corp.) we probably shopped there at least once a week, and in college it was what we did for "fun" sometimes. Yeah for Tar-je

  2. I was at Target again today this time to buy pillows and bedding. And it was seriously crowded! Doesn't anyone work anymore?