Sunday, July 29, 2012

Woodstown Ice Cream

Mr. R. says that Woodstown, NJ has the best ice cream in the world.  Mr. R. took me here on one of our first dates. We have gone for a walk by the river and stopped by for two small vanilla custard cones on our way back to his parents house. And then after we were married, and living in DC, we would make sure to stop for an ice cream date when we drove to NJ to visit our parents in the summer. My order is always the same, small vanilla in a cup with rainbow jimmies and Mr. R. usually goes for a chocolate and vanilla twist cone or creamsicle cone. We decided that we couldn't be in NJ and not give Pip her first taste of frozen custard. On Saturday we made a special trip to Cream Valley and placed our orders. Pip is a big fan of jimmies, but I think her true love is the creamsicle cone. She is her Daddy's girl. 

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